Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street

Ticket to Sesame Street Live ~ $14 (well, actually it was free because Gamma bought the tickets.)

Stuffed Zoey and Program Book ~ $23

SaraGrace's reaction to seeing Elmo in the flesh (if you consider a costume flesh)


Friday, September 4, 2009

Let's Play Catch....up.

Just a warning~ This is a long post with a lot of pictures, and it is very RANDOM! But, I have to catch up on everything from the last few months..HA!

As you can see, I have updated this blog to be a little "fally!" I love fall, and am hoping I can get Rob to help me get some scarecrows and hay out shortly to decorate. But I'm not holding my breath!

I will start with cakes. I have always wanted to make my children's birthday cakes. It looks pretty easy, right? Not exactly. I have tried for 6 years to make Cade's cake, and always had to call Publix at the last minute. So this year I decided to attempt SaraGrace's cake. I got really lucky, because one of the greatest friends in the world had a birthday. I told her I would make her cake as a practice run. Her name is Christy, more lovingly known as "Eestie". Here is what I came up with.

The image quality isn't that great, because it was taken from my phone, and then saved from facebook. But, I thought it turned out pretty good, for a first attempt at fondant. But, this was a deception. After days of working on SaraGrace's ""Under the Sea" cake, this was the final product.
There are better pictures on my facebook. It wasn't exactly how I had pictured it. And to make it worse, my pound cakes kept falling. The small white layer was one half rice krispy treat and one half brownie. The octopus was also rice krispy treat. That is all I had left in my pantry after my 4th pound cake was a dud:( But, when SaraGrace finally saw it, her expression was worth it all. "Mommy, Aeial (Ariel) is on my cake. I love it!" Needless to say, I think I will try to make every birthday cake for both of my children from now on. Cade, can you tell me what you want for next year so I can start now? Maybe I'll have it done in time:)

Once all of the birthday festivities were over, it was time for Cade to start tackle football. That's right, full on tackle football. He has waited 6 years to be able to take someone out and not get in trouble. Here is a picture of him all fitted up in his new pads and helmet.

The minimum weight requirement was 35 pounds. When we started he weighed 35 pounds, but at his official weigh-in, on Saturday, we were up to a Cade Record Weight- 38 pounds! Folks, that is a huge deal for this little fella. He has 75 pounders on his team! He had his jamboree last Saturday, and Jah has the pictures. I need to get them and post them. Cade has his first real game this Saturday at 8:00 am. It is really neat. He sports the same number as his daddy did....the big #80!

I am really proud of Cade. Since starting first grade, his reading and writing have been AMAZING! It seems like I have a different child from just a few months ago. He is doing really well!!!!! Just like his Momma:)

Now, on to Costa Rica trip # 2. This trip was really amazing for our team of guys. They were able to finish everything they had set out to do. It took them until the final minute, but they did it. No, GOD did it! The church is complete with a roof, new lighting, new fans and a new electrical system. The people there were so thankful for all that was done. To show their appreciation, they got up at 2am one morning to practice a "dark show" which is like a black light show. It was a surprise to the guys, so they had to do it when it was dark, and when no one would see them practice. Now that is dedication! Rob said the show was AMAZING!

Going into this trip, we had really been praying that God would give us direction as to where we were supposed to go to follow the calling He had laid upon our heart. It seemed like everything was pointing toward Colombia. We were both really excited about it, but while Rob was in Costa Rica, that door was shut. While we wanted to be really disappointed, we were thankful that it happened before we got all the way over there. We were even more thankful that God was faithful in providing the direction we were asking for. Please be praying for us as we seek His will for the next step in our lives.

In blog land, we tend to hear a lot of sad stories, but we can always see how God used them to share His love with others. But, I know of a really happy one, too! One of my friends, Mandi, has an amazing story of God's faithfulness to us when we just trust Him. After a long road of trying to become parents, their adoption was final on Wednesday. Please jump on over and read their story. It will bless your heart.

Also, some of our very best friends, the Volpes, just welcomed their son into the world last Thursday. Go visit them so you can see sweet Ryker!

Sorry this post is so long, but I hope you have a great weekend.