Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A New Era

Well, folks…last week marked the end of one era and the beginning of another in the Vaughn household.  BOTH kids started school last Monday.  Cade is now in second grade, and SaraGrace has just begun preschool.

It has been sad around the office, because it’s JUST TOO QUIET!  We’re actually having to work, and that is no fun:(  I have some pictures from their first day, but I have to tell ya, Gamma took the pictures.  Remember this post?  The pictures are fuzzy, so I think it is time for Gamma to retire from photography:)

P8221418 P8221417

Now, Cade is always dressed up for school because he has uniforms.  But SG?  I had to dress her up for at least the first day.  But fear not~she has since looked like her typical office-rat self, having a grand ole time at school.  Cade has made a wonderful adjustment, but SG cries every morning because she doesn’t want to take a nap.  Oh, the hardships in the life of a three-year-old!

Friday, August 27, 2010


I finally have time to post about our trip to Disney for the Princess to celebrate her birthday.  I have to warn you….PICTURE OVERLOAD! 

I would like to start by saying that as an offspring of Dexter, I have never sprung for expensive accomodations any time we have vacationed.  We visit Disney often, and have never stayed outside of the All Star Movies Resort.  Since it was just us girls, and there were 6 of us staying in ONE room, we decided to stay a little fancier.  We stayed at the Port Orleans Resort.  While it was nice, I will have to say that it was probably the only time this Momma will ever stay outside of the Value Resorts.  I just found that it wasn’t as kid friendly, so I was a little disappointed.  So, I paid, I stayed, but will never stray from the cheap sheets.LOL.

Anyway, we started the night at Rainforest Cafe. 

The girls splurged and even ordered a VOLCANO!  SG is now deathly afraid of the “Carillas” and it has been hilarious listening to her tell about those god-awful creatures:)


Christen and Hailey:


SG couldn’t wait to see Cinderella. That was the one thing she looked forward to the most.  We saw this Cinderella outside of the shops in Downtown Disney, and SG had to have her picture made.  Doesn’t she look like such a princess straddling Cinderella’s arm? IMG_2503

The next morning, we ate breakfast at the food court in the hotel, and then stayed by the pool until lunch.  I will have to say, this was the most RELAXING trip I’ve ever taken to Disney.  We actually got to see the pool!  Then we got ready because we had an appointment with the Fairy Godmother for a makeover.

That place is UNREAL!  So magical.  Almost made me want some glittery makeup and a tiara myself:)  So, SG got in her chair, ready to become a princess.


They did hair…


They did nails….


  And they did makeup.  This is my favorite picture from the boutique.  She sure knows how to pucker them lips for some lipstick!

IMG_2520 IMG_2521 

Then it was time for some glitter.  Oh the glitter!!!!!


When all was said and done, she looked like a beautiful Princess!!!

  IMG_2536 IMG_2538

But on the way out, we had to stop and take another picture with the fake Cinderella.  She looks a little more princessy than the last time.



Then it was the moment we had all been waiting for……CINDERELLA!  We had dinner with Cinderella, Prince Charming, the bad mommy and bad “Stisters”.  She could hardly contain herself while we were driving to the Grand Floridian.



IMG_2546 IMG_2547 IMG_2551

The funniest part of the day was when SG was telling the “Bad Mommy” how mean she was to Cinderella.  That she ripped her dress, and “wocked” her out.  SG even went as far as to tell her “I not like you.  You’re a mean mommy!”  Needless to say, poor Lady Trumaine couldn’t keep a straight face.


IMG_2561 IMG_2563

Ahh….Prince Charming.  He was a little more princess than prince, I think. IMG_2569

The bad “stisters.”IMG_2576


Then….Cinderella asked SG to dance with her.  Y’all, this was priceless!  Her face was worth a million bucks!  IMG_2589 IMG_2590

Of course, we got a birthday cupcake. IMG_2593

Here’s the girls!


On our way home, Princess was all princessed out.  She wanted to take that nap she never got, so we took her hair down.


This was definitely one of those trips you will never forget.  As girls, sisters, mothers, daughters, it was UNFORGETTABLE!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Prayers for Elyse

I know it has been quite some time since I posted.  I have so much to share, but God has laid something else on my heart to share with you.



Last week, Taylor and Kristy Hancock found out that their precious 3 year old daughter, Elyse, has leukemia.  They have since been in Shands, where Elyse is receiving chemo.  I went to visit them yesterday, and my heart is broken.  But when I left, I was determined to let God use me in any way He will to help this family.  So….I am coming to you all to ask you to help this family.  Kristy said the main thing they need right now is blood and platelets.  It doesn’t matter what blood type you are, just give if you can.  They can give Elyse credits and this will help tremendously.  If you go, just let them know you are giving for Elyse Hancock.

Most importantly, please PRAY for them.  Pray for Elyse’s body to respond to the chemo and that it will kill all of the cancer.  Pray that the side effects will be minimal.  Pray for rest for Elyse, as well as her parents.  They have a 5 year old daughter, who started Kindergarten yesterday. Kristy was really bummed about not being able to be there.  Pray for Audrey (the five year old.)  Her normal is about to become a new normal. 

I also want to ask you to pray for Kaedyn Ballew.  He is a 10 month old baby fighting leukemia as well.  He is a couple of doors down from Elyse. You can keep up with his journey at www.kaedynlove.com.  This is a precious family that is in the fight of their lives as well.

I know that as heart wrenching as it is to see these little ones suffer, I also know that He who created us, knew us before we were conceived.  He knew these little ones would one day fight this battle.  He knew that others would reach out in His name to share the love of Christ with those that are suffering.  Isn’t it awesome that God is in control?  That we can trust Him, even with the lives of our children?  I can’t imagine how tough it is for these parents to see their children going through this.  But even though I can’t imagine it, I do know that God knows their hurt, their pain, their needs.  Sometimes as unimaginable as it can seem, what is completely unimaginable is going through something like this, without the hope we have in Jesus Christ.  Even when things aren’t going as we would wish, if you know Jesus, you know how it all ends…in Victory!  He has fought the battle for us!

If you do not know that kind of love, that kind of mercy, that kind of trust, that kind of hope, I encourage you to ask someone more about how to know Him.  Life is short.  So don’t live it without Him!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Last Eye Picture

This is the latest picture of the shiner. It's looking pretty black and blue. I promise I won't post anymore about the eye until it's healed. Thanks for laughing with me:)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Eye Update

Just wanted to show you how beautiful the eye is looking. It's definitely a beauty.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

We Interrupt This Scheduled Post…..

I had planned to post about our trip to Disney we took last weekend.  SG got to spend the rest of her birthday week with all of the girls in Disney. 

But….something has since come up that I need to post about.  You see, I am not one who has had many injuries.  So when I get one, it’s kind of a big deal.  And if it has a FUNNY story to go with it, it’s a really big deal.  So here it goes….

Last night, while at football practice, I thought it would be wise to do SPRINTS with the boys.  We haven’t been able to work out this week, so I really needed to do something.  I sprinted the first round and only got beat by a few kids.  The next round, Coach challenged the boys that anyone who finished after me, would have to run because I should finish last.  Well, if you know me well, I am EXTREMELY COMPETETIVE!  I was going to prove I could do it and do it well.

I took off running (faster than I’ve ever run before).  However, this time it was down hill.  I ran over a depression in the ground and lost my balance.  I came crashing down on my face.  However, I gracefully rolled on over, got up and finished the sprint.  And I wasn’t even last!  So….without further ado, here is the proof:


This was Wednesday night at home:

Wednesday Night


This was this morning:

thursday am

At least the broken capillaries in my eye are healing up:)  Anyway, too bad no one had a video camera.  I’m sure we’d have the $100, 000 winner!  And to top it off, my son told me “Momma- I knew you would trip because you are old!”