Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just Being Honest.....

If you're reading my blog, then I assume you must know me pretty well. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that I just need to vent and be real.
I have never been one to censor my thoughts before speaking them. I have, however, really been working hard on being more discerning when offering my opinion. I have learned that if nothing good is going to come from saying something, then it probably shouldn't be said. But I have had enough.

I just don't understand people who knowingly turn their back on God, especially when they know better. They know the difference between right and wrong, but they feel like they have to prove a point. I guess I have to just laugh that people are ignorant enough to think they are proving something to Him. Now...don't get me wrong. We all stray and go down the path that is not of His choosing at some point or another. But I do believe that if you are a Christian, you have some sense of conviction, even while doing so.

I know some will say that it is no one's business, but I feel differently for 3 reasons. 1.) I am a Christian, who cares about this person, who is called to hold other Christians accountable. Not to judge them, but to offer soft reminders that this may not be the best road they are traveling. 2.) I have been there. I know where these roads lead, and that the consequences do not cease just because you finally decide to get it right. Sometimes, you reap far longer than you could ever imagine. 3.) Because I have a reputation for being honest, my opinion had been solicited on many occasions. I do not believe in sugar coating anything. I am just real!

When you are constantly around someone that complains how terrible their life is, that nothing is going right, that everyone else is to blame for their trials, and ladi ladi lah!, you get real tired, real fast of their stupidity. Then, when they ask you, or try to make someone else look bad to justify their actions, I believe they are asking for the wrath of SaraBeth! I just can't deal with it. Then, when you try to find a way to witness to them through the situation, they just call you a holy roller! Well, at this point in my life, I consider it a compliment to be a holy roller.

I know this seems like a cluster of a post, but I feel like it's important for you to see me, not just in the good days, but in the frustrated ones as well. I guess the only remedy to this situation is to pray for the person involved, and then, when they ask my opinion, just simply remind them it is none of my business:) What I really want to tell them is ...."If you're going to be stupid, you gotta be tough!" or better yet..."Put your big girl panties on and DEAL WITH IT!"

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Christina said...

From one "Holy Roller" to another:

I love you SB...and your honesty! I just said a prayer for you!