Friday, October 23, 2009

The Puppy Named "DUMB"

Wednesday night, all four of us were piled in our bed discussing Christmas wish lists. Cade told us that he really wants a puppy. Of course, SaraGrace chimed right in and said she wanted a puppy. Cade then told us we would have to get 2 because he wanted his own. So I asked SG what she would name her puppy.

Her response..."Dumb"

Rob and I couldn't keep a straight face because she was so serious. Then I asked Cade what he would name his puppy.

Before he could say anything, SG blurted out...."God."

So if we decide to get puppies, we may have to live with the names "Dumb and God." Can you imagine those conversations?

Kids say the darndest things. When I had my myspace account, I blogged regularly about Cade and all of the funny things he said. I called it "Wise Words of Cade". Starting next week, I will start sharing some of those here. They are sooooooooo funny! I will have to start one for SG as well. I look forward to sharing those hilarious stories.

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