Thursday, January 21, 2010

~The Vaughns and Volpes in Virginia~

This past weekend, the Vaughns loaded up in the car and made the trek to Kerrs Creek, Va to visit some our best friends, the Volpes. The Senior Volpes were our neighbors for a while, and we really enjoyed spending late nights, having "church" at their house. Some great things happened because of those conversations. Then, the Junior Volpes moved in after the seniors moved to Va. Bryan, Christina and Cheyenne were our neighbors for a couple of years, until they were called to be on staff at their church in Va. It was a SAD day when they left, because we spent every day together. They would cook a lot, so we would eat a lot! Good times that will never be forgotten!

Anyway, we decided to go up for Cheyenne's 4th birthday. We left Thursday night, after some good dinner with the Burroughs at Cracker Barrel. Nothing like some good eatin' before a long trip. We stopped along the way to spend the night, and made it to the Volpes around 1:00 pm. After some catching up, we sent the boys to WalMart to get some cake supplies, and Cade got some "WalMart Chicken." Look what happened to him when he ate it:

Does that make you a redneck if your child loses his first tooth while eating "WalMart chicken?"

We spent the afternoon working on the cake, and then went to the church to spend some time with their youth.

Saturday was totally spent working on the cake. Can I tell you.....I HATE BUTTERCREAM ICING! I don't know why, but it refuses to work with me. Anyway, we got some of it done, and then it was time to go to the Senior Volpes for dinner. We had the best strogonoff you have ever eaten, and some cheesecake followed. We enjoyed great food and fellowship with them. They are AWESOME people who love serving the Lord. We had to get home, though, because we had a lot of work ahead of us. Christina and I were up all night, trying to get the cake done. We laughed so hard we just about peed our pants. But, here is our masterpiece:

Here is the birthday girl....Shiney:

Sunday was a day of great fun. We had a wonderful church service, followed by a really fun birthday party, then church again Sunday night. We met many nice people who just took us in and treated us like they have known us forever. A couple of them even tried to get us to move up there:) We were sad to go, but we had to get back and go to work.

Here are the kids (minus Ryker, who had enough of SG by this point:)) as we were getting ready to leave. I think they will be lifelong friends. They had a blast with one another.

Here is our family, ready to head back to Florida.
We were SOOO SAD to leave, but we will be back to visit soon! Ryker's birthday is in August, and he has already placed his order for his cake:)

Volpes: Thank you for having us the weekend. We had a blast! It was good spending time with you all, and we can't wait to come back for more! We love y'all!!!

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Christina said...

Awe! This makes me miss ya'll even more! I think even Ryker is missin' him some SG and SB! We were so glad to have you guys up. Can't wait to do it again! We love you guys!

"The Volpe Jrs"