Monday, October 28, 2013

When God Shows Up

When I posted about the 5K and the t-shirts for Team Faith last week, I had, in my small mind, limited God.  I thought for sure I would be doing good to get 10 team members and sell 20 shirts.  Can I tell you that we have sold 92 shirts!!!  God is so good, and when He shows up, He shows out!  How many times do we have no expectations of God?  We get in the midst of our pity party and think that God is too big and too busy to make a big deal out of us.  I’m pretty sure he proved us wrong by sending His son to die, while we were all yet sinners.  He loves us THAT MUCH!!!  I love it when He reminds of us these things.

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Anonymous said...

When are you adding Emmy to the sidebar with your children? I'm sure she'd appreciate that. ;)

On a serious note, you have all been a great influence to me. God bless and "just keep swimming!"

-Amanda Snyder