Monday, June 7, 2010

Kiss Gets Married......FINALLY!

This post is a couple of weeks overdue, but I wanted to share pictures of my sister's (Christen-better known as Kiss) wedding. This was a second wedding for both she and Jacob. They decided on a garden wedding at my Granny's house. It was BEAUTIFUL!

I have to preface the photos with the fact we ended up with only one photo of my handsome boy, because he is now WAY TOO COOL to get pictures. He spent his time playing with all of the boys, while SG hammed it up for the camera.

The tables were set throughout the garden area. They were beautiful.

The cake was made by "Yours Truly." It really was an honor.

The bride and groom looked MAHVALOUS! The day was so much fun. We spent it with both families making lots of memories.

My two precious angels!

Doesn't Cade look handsome in his Guy Harvey pirate shirt? It is definitely a favorite! Beas and Jah brought that back for him when they went on their cruise.

Aunt Kiss and Gracie- Kiss says this is one of her favorite pictures of the day!

Remember me saying that SG hammed it up? Here are a few of the many faces of SaraGrace from the day:

I know I am little biased, but does she not look like the cutest little thing? How can you be mad at that face?

Waiting between photo sessions:

"Look at me! I insisted that my mommy put makeup on me so I could be like the big girls."

The girl loves her some gum.


To end this post about an awesome day, I have to show you that SG got caught doing what she does best.......exactly what she is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DOING.

"I think I can climb in Granny's really expensive Italian fountain and go 'fwimming'."

"It's not too cold."

"Here goes nothing! I'm going in."

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