Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Disney Part 1

The girls (Me, Beas and Gamma) decided to take the kids to Disney for the weekend, the last weekend of February. This was PERFECT timing. It was a little cold, but NO LINES ANYWHERE!!! Both kids have been before, but this was the first time SG has been that she could actually remember.

We left Gainesville at noon on Friday. We went to our hotel, and then to the Magic Kingdom for the afternoon. After a chilly ride on the ferry, here is who met us at the gates of the Kingdom:

SaraGrace couldn't believe her eyes. She walked right up and started kissing Pluto. Cade had to tell her to "simmer down" a little so she didn't scare him off:) After we pried the kids off of Pluto, we walked in and the fun began. We all love Disney so much. It is my favorite place on Earth! Who needs the seven wonders, when you have the Mouse?

The first thing we did was go to the bathroom, of course. Here is little miss THANG in her first of 3 personalized Disney outfits, courtesy of the talented Robyn Stanley. Just so you know, she had matching hair bows for each outfit. That's an important detail you know?

Gamma took this picture of the two of them.

You know how I know Gamma took it? See Cade's head cut off? That is her trademark. So over the course of the next days, see how many Gamma pictures you can identify:)

We headed over to Buzz Lightyear which Cade LOVES, but Gamma loves it even better because it is the only ride she will ride. Here are the three of us battling the alien robots:

We rode a few other things in Tomorrow Land, including the race cars. Can I add that this is one ride that has been passed over the last 27 years, because it just always had a LONG line, and girls don't care about race cars:) Here is Cade and Beas in their car:

What we didn't get a picture of was me and SG in the car. She INSISTED on driving, so I thought.....WHAT THE HECK? Can I tell you I could've used a muscle relaxer and a neck brace when we got off that track. I had the worst case of whiplash ever recorded!

We then headed over to Fantasy Land, where we discovered the whole reason we spent hundreds of dollars to bring SaraGrace to Disney....
...the CAROUSEL! Are you kidding me? Over the course of the weekend, I think we rode this thing a dozen times. It's all she wanted to do. But hey, that's the purpose of trips like see your kids having the time of their lives!!! We managed to ride Pooh, "Pooter Pan", Small World, and everything else in Fantasy Land before leaving for dinner at the T-Rex Cafe.

One quick story of Small World- SG loves sing-along dvds. She picks up so quickly the words of the song. By the time we were in China on the boat, she was LOUDLY serenading all of us with the song of all songs....WORD FOR WORD PEOPLE! It was pretty hilarious! She's still singing that song....everyday! But the coolest thing about Small World was that my little genius, Cade, could identify every country as we rode through it. That is pretty impressive!

I don't know how we managed to not take pictures of the T-Rex. Oh wait, yes I do.....if I remember correctly, Miss Grace, so rightfully named, decided to stand in the highchair and take the plunge, right onto the floor. Of course everyone comes running, and sister LOVES her some attention! Can I just say DRAMA? I don't know who she gets that from, but Lord help us, I just knew she had broken her arm. I ran to the bathroom with her, and she finally settled down. She was fine, I think it just scared her. The first day was a BLAST! We did everything we wanted to do, and couldn't wait for the next day.

Stay tuned.....tomorrow I will update day 2 with Character Breakfast, Pirate League, Ariel, Mickey and more!

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you know i'm a sucker for Disney toO! It's my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!