Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Thanksgiving (A little late!)

I finally got my pictures from Thanksgiving downloaded onto my computer.

We spent our holiday in the hunting woods.  I cooked the entire meal by myself, and it was delicious, if I must say so:)

The highlight of our trip was hunting, of course.  SG got to go hunting for the very first time, because Papa gave in and took her.  Other than her yelling, “Shoot ‘em Papa, Shoot ‘em!” everytime an animal came into sight, she did pretty good.

They did manage to get something.  Here they are with their prize:

IMG_0967She was so proud.  But she wanted to get her brother in on the action.

IMG_0969The next day, she put in for some “huntin” pants, so we rigged up some of Cade’s with a string.  But that wouldn’t do.  Then she needed a jacket, so luckily Cade had his old one there, so she was good to go… we thought!  Then she needed some “huntin” boots.  Cade had some there that were his old ones, so she insisted on wearing them, even though they were about 4 sizes too big.  Without further ado, here is our Camo Princess:

IMG_0977The only thing we couldn’t muster up was some “huntin” hair.  I couldn’t get that creative.  The weekend definitely left us with some memories we will never forget!

Here is our family photo.  Maternity Camo wardrobe provided by Rob’s closet:)


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