Monday, October 29, 2012

The First Hunting Report of Fall 2012

It seems like it has been FOREVER since I was able to blog about our hunting.  I don’t think I have shot my gun in almost 10 months. 

This  weekend, after the FL/GA game, we packed up for a fast and furious trip to the Hun-Tin House.  We arrived just after 12:30am, only to rise and shine at 5:30am . 

I hunted by myself that morning.  Although I didn’t shoot anything, here is what I saw:

  • 5 does
  • a 4 point
  • a spike
  • a 8 point

None of those were the trophy bucks I was looking to score, so I enjoyed watching them play.  Emmy really enjoyed her first hunting trip too.  She isn’t the most active in the mornings, but she was rolling around like nobody’s business.  I think she was probably grateful her mommy had a somewhat relaxing morning for a change:)

After lunch, we decided to shoot our guns, just to make sure they were good.  I am proud to say that I hit 1” directly above the bulls eye at 100 yards on my first shot.  Yep…..mine was good:)

I took a nap, and we got ready to go out again. 


Rob and I hunted together, and had a really great time just spending some alone time.  Although our entire conversation for 3 1/2 hours was at whisper-level, it was good.

rob sb

Can you tell how tired we are?  We look like death warmed over, but we had a great time.  Again, we didn’t shoot anything (no trophies), but here is what we saw:

  • 8 does
  • 2 spikes
  • a 6 point
  • a 7 point
  • a HUGE boar hog
  • a 4 point

If I wasn’t so close to meeting sweet Emmy, I might would have to go back next weekend.  However, I think we better stay close to home just in case.

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Carrie said...

Girl, you should have shot the boar hog! Now that would have been a sight, you near to birth with a big, bloody boar hog. Lawsy mercy!!!!