Monday, December 17, 2012

The Reason for the Season

This time of year is so busy with all of the activities that come with this season.  I personally have found myself complaining about having something to do every night of the week.  Last week was no exception.

Both kids had Christmas concerts at their school.  SaraGrace’s was Tuesday night and Cade’s was Thursday.  Add that to a birthday party Monday, church on Wednesday, Christmas and grocery shopping on Saturday and church on Sunday.  While each of those things is a blessing to us, it gets to be a full plate very quickly.  But back to the concerts.

SaraGrace was so excited about her very first school concert.  We heard all about it for weeks, and memorized every word to every Christmas carol there is.

She looked so cute and Christmasy:)

SG 2

Cade was a handsome little man on Thursday night.

CadeHe did such a good job.  His sisters had a good time at the big concert, too.

Emmy 2 SG 

Cade was in a hurry to strip that bow tie and cummerbund off, but luckily I was able to stop him in time to get one of my favorite pictures ever.


While they sang beautiful Christmas songs, their leader shared some amazing thoughts.    This season is all about the birth of the Savior.  However, His story did not end there.  He had a purpose for coming here.  He was born to die.  The rest of the story is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who offers us the hope of Heaven and eternal life.  The last song they sang was “Oh the Blood” which blessed the heck out of me.  To hear all of those kids sing about the blood of Jesus just took my breath away. 

This Christmas, don’t forget the rest of the story.  If it wasn’t for the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus, we would have nothing to live for. 

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