Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crowns and Poodles

This past weekend was AMAZING! Rob and I spent some much needed alone time Friday night. I surprised him and took him to see these people:

Casting Crowns is Rob's favorite group of all time. Their music was instrumental in helping him turn his life around. We have sung some of their songs in church together. Rob idolizes Mark Hill. They truly are an amazing group with an amazing ministry. Here is our picture with them after the show.
Rob is about to poop his pants right about now! We drove home from Brandon that night with our hearts full and our soul on fire!

Saturday morning, we took the kids to PetSmart to see all of the dogs. There were tons of dogs!!! They fell in love with each and every one of them. Cade has been asking for a dog for quite some time now. That is the only thing he has asked for Christmas. Convincing Daddy was the trick. We haven't had the best of luck with dogs, and Rob hasn't forgotten it. So finally he gave us some criteria that the dog had to meet. They were:
  • Had to be inside
  • No shedding
  • Not too expensive.
Well, if you know anything about non-shedding dogs, you know that a poodle or a doodle of some sort is the best bet. I had emailed about a poodle that was advertised in Ocala4Sale on Friday. They were giving it away. She emailed me back and said it was already gone, but she had a 2 year old if we were interested. She left a number for me to call. It didn't work. I emailed her back with my number, but never heard from her. Hence the trip to PetSmart. We left PetSmart, after 2 hours, empty-handed. Cade was upset.

We went to Publix and then home. I was getting ready for the game and company, when I get a phone call from the poodle lady. I was explaining to her why we were interested in a poodle. She told me she had a registered male, 2 years old, house-trained, and great with kids. When I asked her how much she was asking, God really blessed us with "If it is for your son, you can have it." WHAT! I couldn't believe it! (How is that for meeting Daddy's criteria!) Cade and I got in our car and took off down I75 to Ocala to get this sweet little guy:

Cade is the proudest little boy on the block! He spent the entire trip home telling "Blue" (he was already named) about his Daddy and Sister. It was really sweet:)

SaraGrace absolutely LOVES the PUPPY! I'm not so sure the puppy loves her so much. Take a look at his poor little face.

This weekend was filled with many blessings that I am so thankful for. We serve a MIGHTY GOD, and as we were told at the concert, we aren't here just to be here. We are here to make sure the "Whole World Hears" the story of Jesus. I hope my life can be an example by which those I come in contact with can know the story of the love of God.
The dog was just an added blessing, and I want to make sure the sweet poodle lady knows it!

God bless!

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