Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Vaughn Costumes

Halloween is always a fun time for me as a mom. I have enjoyed coming up with fun, creative ideas for costumes. Cade's costumes have included a frog, Dennis the Menace, Spider Man, Jack Sparrow, Darth Vader and now Jengo Fett. SaraGrace has been a pumpkin and Strawberry Shortcake x 2.

Here they are at our church's Fall Festival. They had a great time.

If you know our family, you know we live for a good laugh. Rob wanted to dress up SOOOOOO bad. But he also wanted to go buy a $50 costume. Our dear friend, C J, was at our house Thursday night, and offered his assistance with coming up with Rob a costume. After many funny ideas, the perfect idea popped into C J's head. You see, when Cade was 3, he got this HUGE stuffed "Shampoo" from Sea World. It was the biggest one they sold. We have held onto that thing all of this time, and it finally came in handy. C J asked Rob if he had a wet suit. Of course he did. He is a scuba diver. Once C J shared his idea, Rob agreed. I will have to say, this was the funniest costume of the night. You don't get the full picture without all of Rob's sound effects and routines, but here he is.....

He is Shamu's trainer! I give him props for being a good sport!


Christina said...

LOL! Rob cracks me up! We expect an encore preformance while we are down!

SaraBeth said...

Oh you will get one! I will make sure of it!