Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All Dressed Up & Always Somewhere to Go

I have been a TERRIBLE blogger lately. I have to apologize:( I hope atleast a few people remember I have a blog. Things have been busier at work, which is a GREAT thing. That's the main reason I have been slacking...HA:) Anyway, lots to catch up on.

Easter is such a wonderful time of year. Everything is beginning to bloom, reminding us that He made all things new with His sacrifice for us. It's so easy to forget the reason we celebrate Easter, between shopping for Easter outfits, visiting the "bunny", gathering goods for the baskets and on and on. I'm so thankful for the blood Jesus shed to pay for my sins. I constantly pray that I can be a light that shines for Him and His glory.

Speaking of Easter outfits, here are the two littles in their new duds:

Why is it when little boys grow up, they think it is cool to be silly for the camera? I don't know, but I think this is SOOOOO CADE! I love it! Don't think I am not going to save this for some blackmail! Cade was hilarious in that he didn't want to wear a tie because it looked "stupid." He reminded me that his Daddy never wears a tie, so he didn't want to either. Well, there's an unspoken rule in our house that the only day of the year a tie is required is Easter. I know that is silly, but normally that is the only family picture we take each year. Somehow, we didn't even manage that this year, but the boys still wore ties. SaraGrace's dress came from Mississippi, while we were on our trip to LSU. Isn't it the cutest? We had to take this picture and text it to MS for Eestie, EO and Birdy (Eestie's mommy) since they helped pick it out 6 months earlier:)

Every year, on Easter Sunday, our church family brings flowers and places them on the cross. The kids look forward to this every year. Here are Cade and SaraGrace and their flowers:

I love shopping for little girls dresses. I can remember my mom shopping at Polly Flinders so we would have a new dress every Sunday. When we were in the mountains for Christmas, we visited the Lid'l Dolly's dress shop. SG made out like a bandit!

Here she is in one of her Dolly dresses:

Her friend Emma got one too! Here are the girls looking cute in their "twirly" dresses as SG calls them:

Hopefully I can keep up with my blogging now. I have lots of updates to come: Biggest Loser, Disney World complete with a Pirate Makeover, 1 st visit to the duck pond, our first garden, marriage retreat, upcoming mission trip, baby shower with my first original painted canvas, a tree cake and the youth fair. I have also updated my Chef Cheff Blog. Stay Tuned!

God Bless!

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