Thursday, April 22, 2010

Disney Part 2

Day 2 of Disney started with a character breakfast at the Cape May Cafe. Both kids (and adults) really enjoyed wining and dining with such celebrities. SG kept chasing them from table to table, because she didn't understand she wasn't the only kid in the room. Here they are with Goofy:

And Donald:We went to Magic Kingdom again on Saturday. The princess HAD to meet Ariel. We were only the 5th person in line to meet her. SG kept yelling, "Ariel, it's me! I'm here to see you!" Cade was the best big brother. He showed her all the ropes of Character Stalking and Photographing. It was really cute. This picture pretty much sums up her reaction. She was speechless. Y'all know that's a first!

Once Ariel was checked off the list, we made our way to the Pirate League for Cade. Now...this is fairly new, but for the boys (and girls) it's a MUST! You get a pirate makeover, a pirate name, treasure and pictures. Here is Cade at the beginning of his makeover: can choose 3 faces-Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow, or Cursed Pirate. Betcha can't guess what he chose? Here is my cursed pirate taking his pirate oath. Just a word of caution....the oath includes the fact that if you take a bath, you will then become a land lubber again. Not a pirate anymore! Imagine how bathtime went that night! Not pleasantly:(

When you are all done, and you have gone and gotten your treasure (which is a pretty nice pirate medallion on a chain), you get to write your "Pirate Name" in the guest book. Here is Frances Blackhawk signing the book. Let me tell you they take this naming business seriously. You tell them your birthday, roll the pirate dice and then check in a book, and that's how you get your name.

Only a mother could love this face!!!!

Then it was off to see Mickey. This was a blast seeing both kids sooooo excited!

We got to do everything we wanted multiple times that day . We decided to take an early seat for the night time parade, and this is how they passed the time by. They had sword fights with each other.

Once it got dark, Mr. Disney Employee Jack spent some time with Cade asking him all about the Pirate League. Since he looked so scary, Mr. Jack asked Cade to help him regulate the crowd on the sidewalk. Of course he obliged!!!

You know, I have to give credit to good ol' Walt. He really trained his people right. The second the sun starts going down, all of the blinky toys come out of the woodwork. Now, you've already bought the balloons, swords, princesses, etc. but for some reason, you just can't turn down the blinky toys. SaraGrace decided to trade in her sword for a princess wand that lights up, sings and has a mirror. Hey....atleast it's multipurpose. Well, the princess didn't want to be left out of all of the attention Mr. Jack was giving Cade, so she decided to make her move. Here she is talking to him:

...and 10 seconds later, she bopped him on the nose with her wand. I was so EMBARRASSED! He was not phased, but Good Lord, she sure did get her some attention. We settled in and watched the parade. It was one of the highlights of the trip. Here is Mommy and her two "angels":

Day 3 was spent at Epcot. For some reason we only got one picture. Here it is:

I only posted it to show how cute this little outfit was. This trip was AMAZING! We had such a good time, and we are planning to go back soon!


Charon Benton said...

I love Disney too! Nolan was able to do the pirate league a few months ago--isn't it the COOLEST THING EVER? They really do a good job of giving you your money's worth, don't you think?! SG's outfits are darling!

Annie said...

How much fun! Your Disney pics are great! That pirate makeover is too fun for a little boy, I love that! & Your little girl's outfits were too cute for words! (as is that red hair!) :)

SaraBeth said...

Charon-LOVED the Pirate League! Definitely worth the money! Annie-I do love me some little personalized outfits! I ran in to DW at the youth fair and told him how much I enjoy reading your blog. AB is adorable!

Christina said...

Such cute posts about your Disney trip. I am glad you guys had fun. I can't wait for the Volpes and Vaughns to plan another Disney trip together. You do such a great job with your blog! Love you!