Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Long Awaited Finish

15 months!  That is the time it has taken to cross the finish line in the construction of  the Hun-Tin House.  We were able to finally sleep there this weekend, and it was so nice to have our own space.  Although, I would be willing to bet we will miss those days of piling up two and three deep on air mattresses.

Please forgive the quality of the pictures as they were taken in a hurry on my phone.  Also, my mother is none too happy that I didn’t wait until everything was cleaned up before snapping these photos.  So please excuse the mess!

This is a view  from the very back of the house looking into the kitchen/dining area.

full kitchen 

One of my favorite pieces of furniture:

hoosier cabinet 

The highlight of the house- a 1936 Magic Chef.


This is the view coming to the back of the house.  The kitchen is on your right and the dining table is on the left.  I LOVE that antique grocery counter. 

kitchen dining area 

The dining table that seats a whopping 18 people.  Heck, by Thanksgiving we will have two more additions.  I love the chandeliers. 

dining table

All of the beds were made by a man in Starke, FL.  Each one is unique, and our new saying is that everything “has character.”

This is mine and Rob’s bed.

vaughn bed

And our dresser.  My favorite characteristic of this dresser is the bb hole in the mirror.  Like we said, “It just adds character.”

vaughn dresser 

Next to us is the kids room.  I tried to figure out how we were the lucky ones to stay next to the kids.  But then I was told that we have the most children, so I guess it’s only fair:)


Then next is Kiss and Jacob’s room.

kiss bed

And this is their dresser.

kiss dresser

Then rounding out this wing of the house is Beas and Jah’s room.


beas bed

And their dresser.

beas dresser

On the other wing is 3 bedrooms.  The first guest room:

guest bed 1guest dresser

The second guest room:

 guest bed 2    

guest dresser 2

Then Mom and Dad’s room on the end.  This is one picture Mom was mad about.  We were trying to get the beds made, so please excuse the unmade bed.

mom dad bed

Each bedroom has its own bathroom with a toilet, vanity and shower/bath combination.  No more waiting in line to use the pot!  Hallelujah!!!  I didn’t take any pics of the bathrooms except Mom and Dad’s.  Theirs is the coolest!

Walking into the bathroom.  The garden tub is on the right, the vanity area on the left.

master bathvanity


The view as you walk in the front door: Even ole Rob used his decorating skills and put the lantern in the middle.  Genius, I tell you!

front view  

The card table sits in the front left corner:

card table


Seating areas:

seating 2  seating 1 

The Laundry room: You know this bunch puts out a ton of laundry.  I can’t imagine how the Duggar’s get it done everyday!


There are still a few unfinished areas, so we hope to have them finished in the next couple of weekends. 

We are so thankful to God for His bountiful blessing of allowing us to have a place our family can spend time together making memories.  There is no amount of money that can replace the memories our children will have of quality time spent at the Hun-Tin House!

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Tristan said...

Let me know when the reservations are available! ;) lol. That place looks amazing!!!