Monday, March 18, 2013

Our “WONDER”ful Disney Cruise Vacation



We were so blessed to be able to take a Disney cruise a couple of weekends ago.  It was a time of great fun and making tons of memories.  There are so many pictures and stories to tell of our trip!!!

After seeing Mickey Mouse as we were boarding the ship, we headed to our rooms to decorate our door.


There was so much to see and do on the ship, that before we knew it, it was dinner time!  We got to take our picture with Captain Mickey.



One morning, they had a Princess Gathering where all of the princesses came out at one time.  Here are a couple of our favorites.



I love this picture of our blue-eyed trio!


I have been dieting, so I told the waiter that I wasn’t going to order any dessert.  This is what he brought me:


The shows were fantastic!!!  Here is all 5 of us waiting to watch a show.


Very rarely do I get to get many pictures of my guys.  They are always playing around:)

IMG_1546 IMG_1547

My handsome little guy!


My handsome big guy!


We didn’t get much time by the pool, but when we did, we had lots of fun.

IMG_1578 IMG_1580 IMG_1583

This was the BEST.BABY.EVER!


At Nassau-


We did the dolphin encounter on Blue Lagoon Island.  I’m going to do a separate post about this because there was so much to do.


After the dolphins, we stopped in the straw market and got talked into some braids.  I think we got ripped off!  I could have done this good for $12! 


When she saw them in the mirror back at the ship, she wanted them out immediately.  I can’t blame her.   It looks like spider legs coming out of her head!

That night was Pirate Night.  This was so much fun!  Rob was a celebrity in his Davey Jones costume.  People were taking all kinds of pictures with him, and he even signed a few autograph books.  It was hilarious!!!

DWD-130309-LSP8x10-8126628 DWD-130309-MMPirate8x10-8126919DWD-130309-MMPirate8x10-8131200DWD-130309-MMPirate8x10-8130771

Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay is first class!!!

DWD-130310-Pier8x10-8144724  DWD-130310-Beach6x8-8145944


This is my new favorite picture of Rob and me.  I love it!!!



There are so many pictures but they were all so good!  I have attached the album below.  I can’t get them to appear in order so I’m sorry that they are all mixed up.

I will post about the dolphins, and then I am going to post all of the details (how to cruise Disney on a budget, what to do and when to do it, etc.)

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Lee said...

We'd love to do this trip sometime in the future - cant wait for your tips post.
On totally different note - how comes the book?