Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bittersweet Goodbye

We just pulled away from Calvary Southern Baptist Church. This past week has flown by, and we were surprised how much we became attached. Both kids cried when we left:(.

There is so much to share, but we are in the mountains so cell service is touch and go. But I do want to share that 7 kids were baptized tonight, one being Cade. What a special night!!! God did a mighty work there this week. How amazing is He!!!

Rob was really down about leaving those youth boys. They are so precious, and struggle with so much. One told Rob he didn't want us to leave, and one was ready to come home with us. We are definitely planning a visit for him.

Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us! We have cherished your prayers, and ask you to continue to pray for us. God has laid a lot on our hearts this week, and now we need to pray and seek guidance for what He has in store for us.

I will share more tomorrow when we get on the road and service is better.

Love y'all!


Paige Colson said...

Yay Cade!

Annie said...

What an awesome blessing!!!!