Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Well, last night we started our VBS at the church we are staying at. We had 55 people and 2 decisions. Today has been slow. We are ready to get out and evangelize, but haven't gotten to yet. Rob is teaching the youth, and one o the guys is on his way to take us to neighborhood so we can meet some other youth. I am teaching music, an it's been a lot of fun! I will have to say this trip is not what we expected, but it's not our expecations that matter, only God's. The guys in the youth have now convinced Rob to go coon hunting Wednesday night. So yall please pray for safety:)

We look forward to this afternoon as we get to go visit some people in the neighborhood.

Things are going good here. Our kids are doing great too. Rob and I got up this morning and did a workout. Nate should be really proud!!!

My cell service is touch and go in the mountains but I will do my best to continue to post. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.


Rob said...

Awesome! The Holy Spirit is definately working through y'all.
Tell Rob not to climb the tree after the coon. He'll have a blast.
Can't wait to hear more.

Rob said...

Uncle Galopin Gary says Hi, and the meatballs are delicious.