Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Card Craziness

***I jumped the gun and didn't read all of the requirements for this post, so I am reposting about the Christmas Card giveaway from Shutterfly.

Christmas cards have always been one of my favorite holiday traditions. I look forward to seeing each of my friend's different personalities in the cards they choose to send. Me, on the other hand, I always have a hard time because I want to be sooooo creative and it never turns out exactly how I envisioned them.

Shutterfly is the only place I do any business with when it comes to photo merchandising. I have ordered several photo books, which are PRICELESS! I think I may order some photo calendars for the grandparents.

I'm thinking I like this Christmas Card for our family.

This year's cards will be extra special because this will be the only Christmas we will have a family of five! I want to make sure that Mack is included, and want everyone to know how BLESSED we are with each of our children.

If we were having a Christmas party, I would be thrilled to order some of these invitations. But I think we'll have a pretty low-key Christmas season, so not too many parties for us!

If you're crazy about 50 free Chrismas Cards, please click here to find out how to get them FREE from Shutterfly.

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