Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Fun Post For A Change

Here is our weekend in pictures. 


First up Saturday morning was Cade’s last football game.  Y’all, my boy made a TOUCHDOWN!  No one got pictures because we were too busy running down the sidelines to take any!!! 


Beas and SG.


Cade and Coach!


Then it was “Trick-or-Treat” time.

Cinderella~pre-emergency room.


A Sniper~ in his ghillie suit!!!



Then, on Sunday, we ate at my parent’s house.  After lunch, we were serenaded by SG as she played and sang “Twinkle Twinkle”.  She did a great job, crack and all!!


Hopefully this weekend will be a little more laid back!  Here’s hoping!

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Christina said...

Love you, Vaughns! Miss you sooo much...but for now your blog posts are filling the void!