Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Trip to the ER?

   Saturday night, Rob and I took the kids trick or treating.  Cade was dressed in his ghillie suit as a sniper, and SaraGrace was Cinderella.   (Please excuse these terribly pictures.  They were taken with my phone in the car.  My sister has the good ones on her camera, so maybe by next Halloween I will get those.)

halloween 2010

halloween 2010 2

They had a blast walking from door to door.  It was really cute to hear SG say "Tronk n treatin".  Once we got back to Nanny's, they had to sample some of their candy.  We hadn't had dinner yet, so we decided to go to Moes. 

This is when the fun began!  Cinderella was a little high on sugar, and was definitely hyper.  Once dinner was done, we were walking out in the parking lot.  I was holding her hand and she jumped and let go.  She landed on her noggin and it knocked the breath out of her.  She was alert and trying to cry, but made no noise.  I scooped her up and tried to comfort her.  She was still crying silently.  She finally took a breath and cried out loud.  And then......she went completely limp and passed out.  Lord have mercy, I don't think I have ever been that scared as a momma.  She finally came to, and started crying again, but was going in and out.  So they called 911 and we had us a scene.  It's a big deal in our small town when the lights and sirens come.  Poor baby was so scared.  They evaluated her and decided she should go to the ER and be checked out.

They loaded us up in the "ambliance" and took us.  I have to say, for a trip to the ER, this was a blessing.  It was nice, the people were great, and we were in and out in a little over an hour.  We even got to be in the princess room, where Cinderella, Belle and Aurora were all over the walls, as well as castles and tiaras.

halloween 20103

They did do a CT scan which showed only a bruise, but no swelling or bleeding, so they discharged us.  This is definitely a Halloween we won't soon forget!

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Paige Colson said...

oh my goodness! I am so glad that Sara Grace is okay. Its never a dull moment huh.