Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baseball Days

We have just ventured into the world of baseball, and Cade is having a blast!  We had our first game on Saturday and though we lost, the boys all played great!  We  are playing rookie ball so they have to hit off of a pitching machine.

He looks so grown up!

 Beas Camera 2011 046


 Beas Camera 2011 047

His biggest fan!!!  He says she embarrasses him because she yells for him all of the time.

Beas Camera 2011 049

With Uncle Jah….  He’s a coach!

Beas Camera 2011 052

At bat.  He got a hit both times up to bat, and got on base!!!  I was one proud Momma, especially considering that he had no more paid attention at practice all week:(

Beas Camera 2011 060

Waiting on the ball…

 Beas Camera 2011 063

For some strange reason, this boy wants to play catcher.  I’m all about trying all things once, but let’s face it, he’s the littlest one on his team, and catcher usually is pretty big.  But my little man’s got a big heart, so that counts for something!

Beas Camera 2011 065

Though we are football people through and through, we are beginning to like baseball (maybe a little).  Uncle Jah has been great at working with Cade, and my handsome little man is in love with his new sport.

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Charon Benton said...

aw, he looks like such a "Big boy" in the baseball stuff...this is nolan's first year of baseball too!