Friday, March 25, 2011

Gracie vs. the Bed Post

…and the bedpost won!  SG got to make her first visit to the dentist this week thanks to an altercation with the bedpost.  She and Cade were cleaning her room, when she tripped over a toy, and landed mouth first into the bedpost.

We visited a pediatric dentist, and he was wonderful.

She cried the entire way there, but once she got there, she put on a show.

You can see where the tooth punctured the bottom lip.  Doesn’t she look like Cindy Lou Who?  Her lips are still swollen.


Her attempt at smiling.


What you can’t see is that her front tooth had been displaced behind the others, but had already started to move back into place.  Talk about grossing a momma out!!!


The end of our day, with her lips still swollen. 


This girl needs a helmet and a facemask.  If you find any good deals on one, just let me know:)

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