Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Day In The Life…

My work day is not usually very exciting.  And I have to say that I do get bored pretty regularly.  However, today was totally different.

We have been working on a mine reclamation, and the site is pretty extensive (like several hundred acres).  I found out this morning early, that I may have to go walk it with the governing body for the final inspection.  What?!?!?!  Hello!  I am huge pregnant, can’t walk long distances and my feet are way too fat to fit into anything other than flip flops.  But, I came prepared. 

I had my umbrella, I brought a pair of shorts (it has been stifling HOT lately!), and even found a spare pair of tennis shoes in the back of my car (all the more reason to never clean it out:))  My dad was a little worried and told me not to get too hot.  I told him I brought some shorts, and then the comment was made by another employee that shorts didn’t seem very professional.  My comeback?

“And you think it’s professional to have a 9 month pregnant woman tromping several hundred acres of land?”  That got a few laughs. 

Just so you know, the several people in attendance were spared from the sight of my ghostly, chunky pregnant legs, because the Lord saw fit to give us some cooler weather.  I know they will sleep a lot better tonight.

So here was my office today…

 photo 1

This was one of the 4 ponds on the property.  Luckily, our superintendent was able to drive us around instead of walking all of that way.  And the weather was MARVELOUS!  It was cool and breezy, much nicer than any office.

photo 2

We had to walk around and figure out why our grass isn’t growing. 


Do you think all of that rocky soil has something to do with it?  Or maybe the fact it is dry as a bone outside?

Needless to say, today was a fun day away from the office, getting to go onsite and enjoy beautiful scenery and the gorgeous weather.

photo 3

It was good for the soul! 

On another note, I forgot to take pictures again, but today was mismatch day at school.  I think we should have that every day, because it was so easy to dress my children today.  Now if they would just combine crazy hair and mismatch day, now that would be a charm!

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