Friday, August 5, 2011

O Bros. Daycare, Preschool and After School Program

Everyone is certainly aware of the terrible situation our economy is in right now.  That’s why here at our family business we have decided to diversify.  We have now added “Daycare, Preschool and After School Program” to our list of services we provide.

You know I’m kidding, but looking at today’s pictures, this is certainly believable.  We have had VBS this week so Cade and SaraGrace have been here.  Brinley’s been here too, so this is a peek into our new venture:)

The principal’s desk…


Gamma’s Administrative Assistant and Marker Holder


This is her new desk, complete with a portable DVD player and Diet Pepsi.  Hey, we train ‘em early and we train ‘em right.


She also knows how to type on that dinosaur.  She’s getting some on-the-job- training.


Pretty little Brinley.  She makes a great paper weight, and seeing all of that paper stacked behind her, it seems as though Gamma is putting that Bumbo to good use:)


And here we have our IT manager, who is extremely smart at figuring out how to work each and every computer game known to men.  This is really important in the construction industry, you know.


We even have time for a little imaginary swimming.

photo7The joys of a family business are plenty.  Spending the days with our children can be a lot of fun, but I think Gamma is ready to hang up her principal’s hat.


simpletruelove said...

I think Gamma is a FINE principal and she has an AWESOME staff ... just think - y'all grew up in the family business and now your kids are doing the same ... that is a neat circle of life!! I know it's crazy at times at the office but years from now you will look back and be so thankful for the time the kids have been able to spend there!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the O BRO family business ... it's where I got to know your entire family so well during all those YUMMY lunches granddaddy and granny cooked every week. I can truly say the O'Steen family is a blessing I thank God for daily ... family is very important to y'all and BzR and I are so thankful to have been adopted into such an AMAZING family!! Love YOU!!

Christina said...

I love this! Such cuties running around the Osteen Bros office!

Carrie said...

Oh my word, this totally reminds me of a Gilchrist County Journal field trip, when momma brings Allie and Gus down. They just love to reorganize and re-stock our shelves. Praise the Lord, y'all don't market office supplies to the general public ;)