Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest: Epic Fail (except for maybe two projects)

I have been on pinterest for a couple of months now.  I have to admit, at first, I thought that maybe I wasn’t catching on.  It wasn’t all that much fun to me.  But then….something clicked.  I figured it out and have had a blast. 

One thing I am learning, is that it’s one thing to sit here and “pin” all day.  But it’s a completely different story finding the time, the money or the patience to actually complete them. 

My very first project was the strawberry cream cheese crescent wraps.  Aren’t these beautiful?

strawberry cream cheese crescent wraps 

These may be beautiful, but the recipe I made looked nothing like this.  They tasted  good, but I would have been embarrassed to take them to the Sunday School breakfast that I made them for.  Good thing I overslept that Sunday:)

The next project were the kids valentines. I had something picked out for both Cade and SaraGrace.  We only attempted SG’s, because Cade didn’t want to help do his.  These are the valentines we tried.


I knew we had a stash of crayons somewhere, but we had hidden them from our aspiring artist.  It seems like she is quite fond of using walls and furniture for her masterpieces.  So, I went to Michael’s to buy the pan ($8.00, and they were out of hearts, so I got squares.)  Then I went to the Dollar Tree to get the crayons.  This project was one that you have to appreciate the time you are spending with your sweet little princess, not the outcome of the project.  She was lots of help.  But they did not turn out as cute as I would have expected, and cost way more than the boxed kind at CVS.

sg vday sg vday2

I love finding hairstyle ideas from pinterest.  I have tried both of these with EPIC FAILS!

The Sock Bun:

sock bun

Mine was curly, but extremely frizzy.  Maybe I didn’t have the right product.  Who knows.

This is one is beautiful: The Side Pony. 

side pony

I tried this yesterday, but I was running late for church, and didn’t have a ton of time to work on it.  I bet I could master it with a little more practice. 

But I did master this one: The Pony Tail

pony tail  If you are looking for new hairstyles, try the Small Things blog.  This girl is AMAZING!  She has youtube tutorials for each and every hairstyle. She is really helpful.

The BEST project I have completed on pinterest, were the decorations for the FCA banquet.  We wanted a rustic, elegant theme so we paired these with burlap:

Mason candles mason centerpieces

I wish I had a picture.  It turned out beautifully!!!

Have any of you had any success with pinterest projects?  Maybe my project expectations are just too high, and my budget too tight:)


AMW said...

ha! we must have both had pinterest projects on the brain today! I just posted about Pinterest, too. I am going to post a few good recipes I have pinned and tried that turned out good. I have had some major pins-gone-wrong, believe me. The frozen banana smoothie was disgusting. Thankfully all I was out was a banana and some cocoa! Ha... We made the heart crayons for AB's valentines and loved them. I used the silicone heart pan (from michaels and got it for 6.00 becuase I had a 40% off coupon) :)

Kara said...

I did the sock bun too, and it was a total EPIC fail! I was so disappointed, because those curls are just gorgeous!