Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trophy of Grace

Sunday night, we were invited to a Super Bowl party with some friends.  I was excited to see all of them because I hadn’t seen them in so long.  But I wasn’t excited about getting  dressed because I am so embarrassed by the way I look right now.  Over the past several months, I have been extremely lax with my diet.

As I started looking for something to wear, I tried to convince myself to just stay home.  That way, I wouldn’t have to worry about what I looked like, or feel bad because I felt terrible about myself.  I found it rather sad that because I was worried what everyone would think, or that I wasn’t okay with how I looked, I almost missed out on some sweet moments with sweet friends.

Don’t you think that sometimes we treat going to our Heavenly Father the same way?  We feel like we aren’t good enough, or we haven’t done enough, or we have failed, so we just push Him further and further away.  I know for me, there are times I feel bad even going to Him in prayer, because I haven’t been keeping up with my prayer life.  So I miss out on time with Him on the account of my own failures.

The good news is that WE WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH!  Even if we have the perfect prayer life, or what we perceive to be the perfect relationship with Jesus, it isn’t good enough.  But that’s the beauty of grace.  He loved us so much that he knew we would never be good enough.  But the payment for our sins is enough.  He wants us to come just as we are, right now.  He loves you in this very moment, despite your fears and failures.  While we will never may never be “good enough” we are His trophies of grace.  When people look at us, and know that we are Christians, we are a shining example that He loves us for all of our stinking faults.

My friends were so glad to see me, as I was them.  They didn’t care what I looked like, and once I got there, I was over worrying about it.  Jesus doesn’t care what we look like.  He can fix that.  He wants us to love Him, accept Him and be His trophy of grace!

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