Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boxing Gloves for SaraGrace

***DISCLAIMER:  In no way shape or form, do we promote violence in our house.  This is a post of SG being sassy and learning how to box on the video game. 

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, here is the post.

Santa brought Cade and SaraGrace a Wii for Christmas.  Their favorite game to play is boxing.  Cade is really good at it, and SG has picked it up pretty good. 

The other night, we had planned to fold and put away the 5,000 loads of laundry on our couch.  We got a little distracted when SG wanted to show us her moves.

I got it on video, and I have to say she may just be a little competitive.  I’m not really sure where she got that from (her Momma) but she takes it seriously.  It killed Cade the entire time because he is always boxing.  He likes to play SaraGrace because he can beat her.  To give her a chance, we let her play the computer.

Between Rob egging her on, and her COMPLETE UNWILLINGNESS to accept defeat, this is something to behold.

My favorite lines in the video are:

“You better don’t try me.” and “I am hard, and she is not!”

I think we may have a little fighter on our hands!!!

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