Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Buggies, Piggies and Mud

A couple of weekends ago, we ALL loaded up and headed to the Hun-Tin House.  It was our family, Mom and Dad, Kiss, Jacob and their kids, Wimmy and Uncle Sammy, and Granny. 

We were a little bored on Saturday morning, so we decided to pull ALL of the buggies out and go for a ride.  They had set some traps to worm the hogs, so we went to check them out!

Buggies There were 4 buggies trailing along. 

kids One of the buggies broke down so we picked up some extra cargo!

The first trap was empty, but the second one had this:



That is one long snout!  It looks like an opossum pig!  The big one was easy to worm, but the little one was trouble.  The boys decided they would try to catch it so Papa could give it the wormer.


We left that trap and went to the last one.  There was a ditch that had wet mud, and smelled like pure boar hog urine.  My adventurous children wanted to get a closer look at the trap.

Right as I went to say, “Don’t…”, this is what Gracie did:

muddy shoesShe cried, and Wimmy liketa had a heart attack laughing so hard!  I didn’t even get another word out, and she sunk down in the muck.  She stunk to high heaven. Luckily, our next stop was the river.

falling  As Papa was helping her wash her feet off, she sat down in the mud at the river bank.

muddy buttNow, she not only had muddy shoes, but she had a muddy hiney too!

We rode on to the very back of the property, where Rob showed us a hidden treasure.  We have a beach!  There is a huge clay/sand area at the river, and the water is so clear.

beach 2

The kids, and a couple of adults, immediately took off their shoes and went wading.  SaraGrace was able to get rinsed off, so she at least smelled a little better.  They found a baby soft-shell turtle, and lots of clams that had been eaten by a raccoon.


We can’t wait until our next trip!  We’ve already planned a picnic and a swim down by the river.

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