Monday, April 2, 2012

Meet Lulabelle

No, we haven’t decided on a baby name yet, but we did get a new baby over the weekend.  We have babies EVERYWHERE!!!

Meet Lulabelle:


“Belle” came to live on our “farm” on Friday, when she was just 7 days old.  She lost her momma, so we have taken her to raise.  One of Dad’s employees had to load her up in the front seat of his pickup truck, and he dropped her off at our house.

I had to come home at lunch to feed her, and this is what I found on my front porch:


She is just the cutest thing!

Brinley came home with me to feed her and she had a blast.


We couldn’t wait for the kids to get home.  They had no idea, so they were so excited!

cade and sg

Cade exclaimed, “This is the best gift ever!”  He loves her, and he couldn’t wait to feed her.

cade feed

That bottle is as big as he is:)

Lulabelle is the third name this poor calf has had.  We couldn’t decide, so since I am the “Calf Manager” I picked.  We call her Belle for short.  She has fit right in and we just love having her around.  She is a spunky little thing, and just too cute.  That is until she stands at my bedroom window in the mornings mooing her little heart out to let me know she is ready for some groceries!!!


Even ole’ Daddy enjoys taking care of her.


On Friday afternoon, Rob and Belle had a good time playing in the yard.  Rob would “moo” at her and she would moo back.  I caught some on video.  Please excuse the hideous voice in the background.  That would belong to me:(



Ashley said...

Absolutely precious! Have fun with her!

Carrie said...

That is great! You know this makes you super momma right?!