Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break

Spring Break is here.  The kids are enjoying getting to stay up later and sleep in a little these days.  The other night, they stayed up watching a movie in Cade’s room.  When we got up the next morning, this is what we found.

brotherly love

I’m hanging on to this one!  The next time they want to hate on each other, I’m going to show this to them and remind them how much they really love one another!

It stinks that both Rob and I have to work during Spring Break.  But we are both thankful to have a job.  I am especially thankful for a job I can bring my children if I need to.

Yesterday, Cade came to work with me, while SaraGrace has been staying at Mrs. Stacy’s.  Cade and I picked up Daddy for lunch and went to one of our favorite hamburger joints-Steak n Shake.

Cade was ready for his burger and shake.



Daddy was having a great time playing with Cade’s kids meal goodies.

rob s&s 

I love getting to spend some time with my boys.  It makes my day!

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