Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SG for the Gold

SaraGrace has started “real” gymnastics.  This is different than the first go around because they get to do balance beam and uneven bars.


Sassy got a new leotard because the first one caused her to pick out wedgies CONSTANTLY  for a solid hour.  It was driving me nuts!!!  So we got this one with the legs in it.  Of course she doesn’t like it as well, but she will just have to deal.

She is loving this gymnastics class.  She asks me everyday, “Is it junaxtix  today?”  She is always so disappointed when it is not a Monday.

Her favorite part is the uneven bars.  The item on the top of her Christmas list is:

Just_For_Kids_Uneven_Bars She has high hopes!!!

Her little friend is in her class, and she loves getting to see her.


I think we have found a perfect fit for our sassy little monkey. 

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