Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SG’s Birthday Party

It is no secret that SaraGrace turned 5 on Monday.  She has told everyone she has been in contact with all about it.  I had posted about our trip to Weeki Wachee last week, and we finished up our celebration with a family birthday party.

The cake:


Oh the cake.  SG had a special request.  She wanted a strawberry cake with strawberries and cherries on it, and Rapunzel on top.  So Momma delivered.  I did talk her out of the cherries (because I forgot to get them at the grocery store.)  It looked like a HOT MESS, but she loved it and it tasted oh so good!!!  Pops looks so excited for cake, doesn’t he?

Do you like her outfit?

presents She dressed herself in her “birthday dress”, which happens to be about two sizes too small.  But hey, when you’re that cute, you can rock it!  She is posing with all of her birthday jewelry.  She got tons of ankle bracelets!  She looked like a little gypsy.

Cade was happy when we finally got home.


But not as happy as SaraGrace.


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