Thursday, April 4, 2013

Itsy Bitsy Spider


This precious girl is getting so big!!!   After a LONG day at work on Tuesday, I came home, changed her into her pj’s, put her down and got into the tub to SOAK.  It was so nice to just relax.

But my relaxation didn’t last very long.  As I got out of the tub, the paranoid momma came out in me and I went to check on her to make sure she was breathing (as I do every 5 minutes). 

This was hanging from the blinds just over her bed…


I liketa died!!!  I.DO.NOT.DO.SPIDERS!  Rob wasn’t home, so I gently hoisted her out of the bed and put her into mine.  I called Rob and told him he better put on his big boy panties because he had Daddy Duty when he got home.  I sat on the bed and kept my eye on this  creature.  I wanted to be sure he didn’t escape.  To pass the time, I did some internet spider verification, and learned that this is a Huntsman Spider (read-not poisonous, but big enough to make you hurt yourself).  Although I was thankful he wasn’t a bad one, my philosophy is “The only good spider is a dead one!”

Once Rob made it home, he took care of Mr. Spider and brought him to his final resting place.  I am so thankful that huge ugly thing didn’t actually make it into Emmy’s bed.  I may have just died right there!

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Mallory Davis said...

I don't like them either! We get those same types at our house all the time. I usually throw shoes from across the room at them. My aim has gotten good over the years so usually I can nail them on the first try!