Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Art Project

Art has never been my thing!  And neither have projects.  I can decorate a cake, paint a room, but a school project falls nowhere under any area of my expertise.   I always had these great ideas, because I wanted to stand out and be noticed.  However my execution was less than stellar! I was the one in 5th grade who attempted to make a map of the USA on a poster board with some sort of dough concoction to fill it in.  It weighed 500 pounds and earned me a big fat “C”!

Several weeks ago, Cade brought home a flyer that his art teacher was hosting an Art Gallery for their class.  Each child could bring in anything they have made, whether it was years ago, or something they made specifically for the gallery.  Since Cade is like a clone of me, nothing would do except for a sculpture of Galgotha with three crosses and a crown of thorns.  Those were the specifications he gave us.  Since Rob is pretty handy at sculpting things, I nominated him to be project superintendent.

We went to Michaels on Saturday night (it was due the following Monday) and purchased a landscape sculpture kit.  It has tons of contents, and an equal number of steps.  It took all Saturday night, then all day on Sunday.  I wish I would have taken step-by- step pictures, because it was a HOOT!  Rob and Cade together do not make a very good artistic team because both are very opinionated:)  Needless to say, it turned out AMAZING!  Here it is:


This isn’t the best picture of it, but Cade was so proud.  He just knew he was going to win.  I tried to explain to him, on the way out the door, that there was not going to be a winner.  To which he replied, “Momma, there’s always a winner!”

I will have to say that it made me extremely proud that of all of the things he could make, he chose to make something that represents Jesus!  Be still my heart:)

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Christina said...

No doubt that Cade is your child...
"There is always a winner!" LOL!

You guys did a great job and I think it was a winning piece for sure!!