Monday, February 28, 2011

Real Men’s Event

Rob, Cade and Uncle Jah went to the Real Men’s Event this past weekend in the Jacksonville area.  They met up with a group of men from our church, and had a blast. 

The event offered all kinds of activities, such as a turkey shoot, baseball throw, rock climbing, zip line, greased pig chase, and many others.  Rob was the official family photographer, which means we didn’t get a ton, but we did get some.

Cade getting ready to go zip-lining:

Real Mens  Zipline 2

Rob said he was so light, he was barely moving:)

Real Mens Zipline 

The homestretch:

 Real Mens Zipline 3

Rock climbing:

Real Mens rock wall

  I don’t know who was more excited; Rob and Cade fought over air time to tell me all about it.  Cade had a blast zip-lining, but I think his favorite was the greased pig chase.  He caught one and was so proud!  Uncle Jah took a video, so hopefully we can get that soon.  It was really cute.

I’m so thankful that our church participated in such an event.  Rob was really impressed with the devotion the pastor shared.  He really encouraged the men and boys to be Real Men-  To be leaders in Christ, and to lead their families.  I’m so thankful to be married to a Real Man, and the spiritual leadership he provides for our family.

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