Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flea Market Fun

This weekend, the beloved work truck lost the AC.  While we (the girls)  were bummed we would have to take it to town to get fixed (remember we were in the woods), we took FULL advantage of the trip. 

Once we dropped the truck off, everyone jumped in our truck and we went to the antique mall and flea markets.  Y’all, I am WAY TOO NOSTALGIC to shop these kinds of stores.

The first find of the day was this beauty:

photo12-2It is a Big Wheel.  (Sorry for the unidentified driver.  I was threatened with huge consequences if I posted this picture.) All of us girls had one of these growing up.  SG fell in love with it.  Now it was ratty….I mean ratty.  The stickers were faded, a family of spiders had taken up residence under the handle bars, and none of the buttons worked.  But for $3, everyone enjoyed this.  The kids, both big and small, took turns riding it through the house. 

My boy is very picky, so last year, we got him a Star Wars thermos to pack hot foods in his lunch.  This was the new version of a thermos that cost a whopping $17.99 and may hold one can of Chef Boyardee.  Of course, SG wanted one too, but I wasn’t about to fork over that kind of money for another pint-sized thermos.  Imagine her joy when I found these beauties:

 lunch boxthermos

We had lunch boxes like this!  And that is what I call the real deal thermos.  At $2.50 for the whole setup, I’d say it was a steal!  She has been big stuff these last two days with her new lunch box and thermos.

Talk about nostalgic-growing up, we had every Cabbage Patch known to men.  We had the dolls, the horses, the furskins, even a bumble bunny.  My Nanny has our collection at her house.  It even includes the doll bed and the sleeping bag.  SG loves these dolls.  I squealed with excitement when I came across this…

 play pen 2

play pen

It is a Cabbage Patch play pen.  It matches our other furniture EXACTLY!  Now, they were asking $10 for this “crib” as SG calls it.  I kindly asked the lady running the flea market to call the vendor and let’s make a deal.  Only in GA are people so nice to oblige.  I walked away with a “Pack and Play” for Baby Gracie for $7.50.  I was so proud.

Now, this trip did make me realize how easily I can revert to my hoarding ways.  Rob kindly asked me what I was going to do with all of this “crap.”  I eloquently replied, “Don’t worry, I have a use for each of these things.”

It’s a good thing I passed up the record player with the talking books.  You know, the Strawberry Shortcake books that come with a record inside that reads the story for you?  Yep, I had one just like it.  If I knew I wouldn’t have caused World War 3 with the $30 purchase of another memory,  I would have brought it home too.  We are going back this weekend, so if it’s still there, we may have to do some dealing.

The reason we went shopping for these goods, is my parents are using vintage decor in the lodge.  They want it to look like it did when they went to their Grandma’s house.  They are currently looking for glass Tom’s and Lance jars that look like this:

Toms jarIf you know where any may be, please let us know!  Happy shopping!


simpletruelove said...
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simpletruelove said...

GIRL ... I think you are back to your "old ways" .... Serioulsy though - what GREAT treasures!!!!

I will be on the lookout for some decor for the Hun-Tin House .... we need to find an old fashioned clear glass cake plate for the Famous Amos pound cake to be kept fresh in ....

Carrie said...

Fun finds, SaraBeth! Allie Claire would have thrown down for the Strawberry Shortcake record player ;)

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

i love all your flea market finds...i have TONS of cabbage patch dolls and loved them!!

Buckaroo Babe Co. said...

SaraBeth~ Since we have all recently moved back to Florida from TX, my parents moved up to McRae, GA where my grandma lives. She runs an antique store and they have all kinds of neat items come thru there... I have called my mom and asked her to keep an eye out for a Tom's jar. She has one the she keeps on her kitchen counter filled with cookie & craker packs for the kids :) Let me know if there is anything else they are looking for! ~Jennifer Nelson-Diaz