Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On Cloud 9 {and a winner}

Congratulations to World of Waxes and simpletruelove. Since you were the only two to actually enter the contest, you have each won a copy of "Heaven Is For Real." Please send me your address and I will get that book to you in the mail ASAP. It is such a good read!!!

Yesterday, Amy and I spent an hour on Cloud 9.

Remember the gift cards I found in the Great Cleanout? Well, Amy and I had a good time spending them at Cloud 9. We each got a massage, and it was long overdue. But wouldn't you know that I spent the weekend at the river (another blog post as soon as I can steal my sister's camera back) and my back was scorched. That was real bright, huh? But the Lord must have known how badly I needed to be rubbed, because he numbed up that burn just in time.

Here we are getting ready for our massage. We were able to use the shared suite, so not only did we get a wonderful massage, we laughed and laughed, and had us a good ole' time.

As we were sitting in the relaxation room waiting for them to call us back, we kept getting tickled at the people as they walked through after their massages. They all looked drunk. But we soon learned we had no room to laugh. Here we are after our massages...

Though we look rough, we felt so renewed. Thank you Amy for spending the afternoon with me and for being the best friend a girl could ever ask for!


Surrounded-By-Boys said...

So glad you were able to be on Cloud 9 for a day!! I love a good massage!

Hines House said...

That reminds me that I got a gift card for there at Christmas. Need to use that before going back to school.

Carrie said...

I was just about to send you an e-mail and ask if y'all had a good time at the river over the 4th and if you had recovered from the fun and were back at work...but I see you are BETTER than okay because you have been at the spa! :) Lucky you!!! Hope you are having a good week.