Friday, July 22, 2011

It Could Always Be Worse

Tuesday marked 2 months since Faith came into this world. It has undoubtedly been a hard week. Satan has had a hay day filling my mind with all kinds of doubt and worries, and unfortunately, I have let him win some of these battles.

Wednesday was especially hard. For some reason, I just felt like the world was against me. I was having a good ole’ fashioned pity party. I went to church to work with some of the kids on VBS music. I fought back tears all the way there. I just flat out asked God why this had to be so hard. Why did He feel so distant?

Before it was time to meet with the kids, I spent some time talking to one of the ladies at our church. We have known her for some time, but I never knew the loss she had experienced. She asked me how I was doing, and I honestly told her how I was feeling. She shared with me that she had lost not one, but two children. Then to make it even harder, they passed away on the same day, just several years apart.

My heart sunk! I felt so terrible for having a pity party. She told me that it was okay to remember the anniversaries and dates. That Faith was my child whether she was here or in Heaven. She also told me that we can make a choice to look to our Lord and follow His way, or we can choose to turn away and do things our way.

Let’s face it! Even when you are following God’s will, it isn’t always easy. Imagine how hard it would be trying to go against it! This time I spent with her was God’s gentle reminder that though we suffer the loss of our children, He suffered the same. He watched his own son die a terrible death, all because He loved us so much. So He hasn’t asked us to do something He hasn’t already done. It confirmed for me that God isn’t distant. It is me who makes the choice to be distant from Him. It also confirmed for me that it could be much worse!

What are you choosing? Are you choosing to look to God and follow His ways? Or are you choosing to walk this life your own way. Life is hard no matter which way you choose, but just imagine how much it means to have Him walking it by your side, to pick you up and carry you through the rough terrain.

This weekend, I encourage you to choose Christ and follow Him. I also encourage you to know that if you are down about something and feeling like you are all alone, God has walked this path before us. Lean on Him and let Him carry you!

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Ashley said...

"It is me who makes the choice to be distant from Him." Love this! Thanks for sharing your heart.