Friday, July 29, 2011

You Know It’s A Bad Day When….

I have had a pretty rough week!  And to be honest, I truthfully think I am battling some depression.  I have just been extremely overwhelmed with the expectations other people have of me.  I have always been a people pleaser, and that hasn’t changed.  I have really been struggling with the challenge of always keeping it together, just because I have done so up until now.  But me and the Lord are working this out as we speak, and I fully trust He is going to help me over this hump.

But in the mean time, I have to admit that He does have a sense of humor.  Yesterday was a trying day.  We were crazy busy at work, and that had me all worked up.  On top of that, we celebrated SaraGrace’s birthday with the family last night, so I had to make her cake. 

About 20 minutes before I planned to leave for the day, this happened to me.

torn pantsJust in case you can’t tell, I split my drawers wide open.  Let’s not mention that my weight has been a key element in the defeat I have felt, so this really made my day.  As if this wasn’t humiliating enough (remember, I work with mostly men), I got in my car to go home and change and realized I had NO GAS!  Yes sir, I had to get out in public and pump gas like this. 

I did have a good laugh about it!  Maybe the Good Lord knew I needed it:)

But the day didn’t end there.  I went to Winn Dixie to get the stuff for SG’s cake.  I even remembered the candle, which is huge because I ALWAYS forget the candles.  I got the cake made and SG loved it.  Do you notice anything wrong with this picture?

IMG_1004Other than the fact that it looks slightly tacky, the candle is clearly the number 3.  The problem is, it’s her 4th birthday.  The sad part is that I intentionally bought the 3 thinking it was her third birthday.  Luckily, she doesn’t know her numbers yet, and Gamma had one single candle so we used it.  Hey, 3 + 1 = 4!

The day did have a great ending seeing my girl open her presents.  Here are some pictures from the evening.


Pardon the scratch on her forehead.  I am pretty certain that Kitty retaliated when he was reminded of his recently acquired tattoos. IMG_1008 IMG_1011

Welcome to McDonalds.  Can I take your order?


She always wants to be the helper and make Cade be the customer.



Her actual birthday is Saturday.  She asked to go back to see Cinderella and the bad Mommy and bad Sisters, so we will celebrate next weekend at the Bibbidi Bobbidy Boutique again. 

I hope your weekend is better than yesterday!


Anonymous said...

Looks like SG had a wonderful birthday - one for a Princess!! I still hear SG stories from EO and Christy. Not sure how to post so I used anonymous. Robin

simpletruelove said...

Good thing we had that McDonald's play set to entertain us in GA last weekend ....
Looks like Gracie had a GREAT family birthday celebration - of course I wouldn't expect ANYTHING less from y'all ...

simpletruelove said...

Ohhhh ... and I didn't comment about the pants BUT you know I had to giggle about it ... only cause you know I have done the same thing and even worse .... I just wish I had been there when you did it so we could laugh together!!