Friday, November 18, 2011


Last night, Rob and I got to go to the Casting Crowns concert, and boy were we blessed!!!

The night started with the Afters, and I was toast when they sang “How Great is our God.”  I will never be able to hear that song and not think of Faith.  Then Sanctus Real took the stage.  They were AMAZING!  The lead singer has a son who has suffered a stroke, cardiac arrest and many other afflictions, and he just turned one.  They showed some video of Bowen, the little boy, and the water works turned on big time.  They have a website at if you would like to read more about him.

Finally, it was time for Casting Crowns.  They never disappoint.  Of course they talked about the well, and blessed us all with their message.  All of their songs have amazing stories behind them.  They sang some of their new songs, but they also sang some oldies.  The one that stood out the most for me last night was Life Song.  Mark said it’s so easy to talk about praising God in the storms, but it’s a lot harder to actually do it.  I sat and thought about my Life Song.  Who does it sing to?  It’s really easy to talk about my faith in Christ, but do I really live it out every day?

As a Christian, I screw up daily.  Just when I think I have it all figured out, Satan so quickly reminds me that I don’t.  But my heart’s desire is that my Life Song sing to Jesus Christ.  That I may be a light for Him to all of those around me.  As the song says, “May the words I say, and the things I do, make my life song sing, bring a smile to you.”  “I want to sign your name, to the end of this day, knowing that my heart is true!”  I want Jesus to look down at me and smile:)  Isn’t that an awesome picture?

What does your life song sing?

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