Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Roundup

We had a busy, but fun weekend.  It started with SaraGrace’s Thanksgiving feast at school.  Her class dressed as Indians, and they were so cute!  Here is a video of a song they sang:

Here is our little Indian with her cute little Chief:

SG emory

These two are something else!

Then it was time to head to the Hun-Tin house. 

We got to hunt on Saturday morning.  I have nothing to report, other than seeing a bobcat.  However, I would like to show you how high class of a hunting camp we have.  In the woods, there are many trails.  I would get lost if Rob didn’t drive.  It all looks alike.  To solve this problem, my Dad came up with some jam-up trail markers.  This is how we roll:

tp 2

Literally!  We mark the trails with toilet paper.  What a marvel idea!tp 1 

Saturday afternoon, we had an exciting time.  We about got ambushed by some hogs walking to our stand.  When we finally made it there, these boys came out to keep us company.


They stayed for quite some time.  Then we saw a spike, a couple of does, and then….one ambitious little buck.  We didn’t even notice him until we heard something sniffing the leaves under our box.  Rob looked in the reflection of the window, and it was a 4 point.  He was looking for something.  He hit his horns on the outside, so it scared him.  Here he is walking away from the box.

4 pt

Bless his little heart, he tried all afternoon to get some attention from the ladies, but they would have nothing of it.  Give it some time, young man.  Your day will come!

It was a great weekend, and I can’t wait for this one.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorites!!!

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