Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Little Christmas Cheer

I love Christmas, yet I know this one will be a little tough.  But the Lord has been so gracious to provide us with so many blessings this Christmas season.  I wanted to share with you a couple of fun and sweet things that have happened in the Vaughn house, lately.

The kids got their first Christmas gift.  They have been BEGGING for a pet, and Rob was not about to give in.  Then, I guess he got into the Christmas spirit and told the youngins they could have a hamster if Momma would take care of it. HECK TO THE NO!!!!!  I am not going to take care of a rat.  So I was the immediate villain because I had crushed their dream of having a pet.  In an effort to justify the pet, SG decided they should get a “penny pig”.  That is just an overgrown hamster.  I finally talked Rob into the unimaginable…

 Cade kitty1 SG kitty1

Here is…wait for it…..Miss Kitty!  I thought we should name her Jingle Bell, but Kitty won.  She has been a lot of fun, and has tried to wreak havoc on my Christmas tree.


On another note, SaraGrace had to write Santa a letter in class.  She told the teacher what to write.  I have to tell you she made me so proud!

SG Santa LEtter

I think she may be a little disappointed because I don’t think there is a horsey in her future:(  But how sweet is she!

Christmas has come to mean so much more to our family than just a family get-together and fun gifts.  I have always been taught the true meaning of Christmas, but to experience it is a different story.

Many people have asked how we are doing this season.  Honestly, we are doing very well.  Of course, there are moments when it’s hard to imagine Christmas without our child, but it is in those moments I am reminded that she wouldn’t leave Heaven to come be with us for one second!!!  She is well taken care of. 

Earlier this week, my dear friend Ashley brought something to me.  It was in a silver box.  She told me the story before I could open it, and it goes like this….

Ashley and her husband were in Lowes looking for some paint.  Spray paint to be exact.  As they were looking through the paint, the silver box caught her eye.  It was a Christmas ornament sitting ALL BY ITSELF.  Keep in mind that the paint section and the Christmas section at Lowes are in completely different locations.  When she looked at the ornament closely, she said her eyes filled with tears because she knew that it was a God Wink.

ornamentIt was no coincidence that this particular ornament sat all by it’s lonesome in the middle of the paint section.  I know it was Jesus reminding me that He is still here.  He still knows my heart.  He knows my hurts.  And He loves me so much! 

As we get closer to Christmas day, I find myself not dreading it.  This is because the Lord has spoken something so clearly to me.  Yes Christmas is a time that you spend with family, reading the Christmas story, exchanging gifts, and really counting your blessings.  It is particularly hard when you are missing a family member, and one of your greatest blessings is spending Christmas in Heaven.  But what makes Christmas so exciting for us this year, is knowing that because of Baby Jesus born in a manger, we have the hope of seeing Faith in Heaven.  That hope would not exist if Christmas didn’t exist.  So this year, I am so much more thankful for the gift of Jesus, because I know that my daughter has received the gift of eternal life in Heaven, and that I will one day join her.

Don’t miss out on this precious gift of Jesus.  He has done all of the work.  He was born in the flesh, endured much suffering and even death to offer us the greatest gift ever!  He is alive today and wants nothing more than for you to accept His gift of salvation.  Celebrate the REAL meaning of Christmas and give Him the gift of your heart!

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