Monday, December 5, 2011

Star Panda

It has happened!  SaraGrace has finally received the coveted “Star Panda” award in her class.  Now, she has been expecting this award for quite sometime.

You see, SaraGrace had a little bit of a hard time staying on “Green” the first part of school.  But, she has done a marvelous job and has been on GREEN every day for nearly the last 2 months.  Every day when we pick her up, she is so proud to show me the color she is on.

I was really bragging on her a couple of weeks ago.  I was telling her how proud we all were of her.  And she said, “Well, no one else is proud.  I haven’t even got the Star Panda.”  She named off EVERY child that had gotten it, and her frown got bigger with each kid’s name.

As Star Panda, you get to decorate a panda bear and fill out a little fact sheet about yourself.  She has worried me to death about decorating that panda, so without further ado, I present SaraGrace’s STAR PANDA:

photo Heaven help us with all that glitter! 

We are so very proud of her, but not quite as proud as she is of herself!

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