Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh Shoot!

Saturday afternoon, we hauled all of our guns to the Hamm’s and had a blast shooting.  Even the little ones got in on the action.

SaraGrace’s pink boo-boo gun is still bigger than she is. 


And goodness gracious at that get-up she has on.  I guess there’s nothing wrong with being fashionable at the shooting range.

Cade tried to show her how to lay down and shoot.

cade sg 

Of course, she cared nothing about that.  But he still wanted to show her how good he was.

Y’all!  He is a serious shooter now.  He says he is going to be a sniper when he gets older.

Now I had a turn shooting too.  Of course we didn’t get a picture of me actually shooting the gun, but after I made a shot on the target that would have for sure dropped this crazy looking deer, I had to take a picture of my target.

sb targetIf that crazy looking thing came to me in the woods, I would be scared poopless!  However, at least I can be confident that I can take him out before he gets too close!

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Surrounded-By-Boys said...

Looks like fun to me! Nolan is getting a gun this year for Christmas and I'm starting to get a little nervous for all the animals around our house! HA!