Friday, December 2, 2011

What Have the Vaughn’s Been Up To?

It seems as though it has been forever since I blogged.  There really is no good reason except that we have been SUPER busy.  This is a catch-up post with many random photos and a really funny video.

First things first:  Last weekend, we went to the Hun-Tin House.  I watched another 8-point walk by and then may have had a little “hunter’s remorse” because I didn’t see anything else until….

SB hogLate Sunday afternoon, I hunted ALL BY MYSELF.  No Rob, no kids.  Just me and my gun.  I was just a little proud!

We have also been decorating for Christmas!  This is the first year that we have had outside lights.  Partly because Rob doesn’t get real excited about them.  But the Lord did a great work in him, because he was so motivated to get them up.

 rob lights


This one cracks me up!  He is now remembering we need to trim the trees.

rob tree

But the finished product looks AMAZING!  Our kids  squealed with excitement, and Daddy was so proud:)

  house lights

Our Christmas Tree:

tree My favorite part is my new tree skirt.  Kiss had her mother in law make it.  It says “The Vaughn’s” and has all of our names on it…including Faith’s.  It is very special!!!

The stockings were hung…


Every Christmas, we each get an ornament that represents something from the past year.  We started making them a couple of years ago.  We aren’t finished, but this is what we have so far…

SaraGrace has fallen in love with cheerleading, so it was only PERFECT we made a cheerleader.  She said, “It looks just like me Mommy!”

sg cheer ornament


  Since Cade killed his first deer, he got a deer ornament.  I shaped it and baked it, but he painted it.

Cade deer ornament

His annual football ornament with the team and number.  He painted this one too.  He was really proud of it:)

Cade football ornament


Speaking of Cade, he has been getting breathing treatments the last  couple of days.  These things take FOREVER, and Cade just can’t sit still.  So, he has started singing to entertain himself.  I caught him rapping the other night.  Once he saw me recording, he really turned it on. 

He may not be Busta Rhymes, but he sure is BUSTA BREATHER!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I promise to be a better blogger next week.

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Carrie said...

Okay...i liketa died watching Busta get down. I made Adam watch it too and we agree that he will KILL you when he gets about 15 for putting that clip on youtube!!! :)