Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Faith’s Birthday Weekend

Before Faith was even born, Cade had asked, “If Faith dies, can we always do something special on her birthday?”

He has asked and asked, and this weekend was the day.  Both kids had been begging to go to SeaWorld, but we just hadn’t been able  to go.  Rob and I had planned in advance what we were going to do, but we did not tell the kids until we pulled in the parking lot.

We were out of the house by 6:30 am.  Cade kept asking why we were up so early on a Saturday.  Rob just kept telling him we were going on a ride.  He was getting really upset, because there was an “End of the Year” party he was invited to, and he was scared to death he was going to miss it.  He kept saying “Today is Faith’s birthday, not yours or Momma’s.  I wanted to do something special.”

We just let him talk.  It wasn’t until we pulled into the parking lot, got out and walked up to the entrance did either child realize where we were.  Let’s just say we had two kids who were ridiculously excited!!!

The first thing we did was go see the dolphins.  Both kids were mesmerized.  It was so beautiful to see God’s creation right in front of your eyes.


They didn’t want to leave.


We left there and went to the dolphin show.  This was mine, Rob, and SaraGrace’s favorite thing all day.  SaraGrace kept asking when it was her turn to swim with the dolphins.

We left there and went straight to the Shampoo show.  Cade has called it that since he was little, and it has sorta stuck.  We saw the sharks, the sting rays, and everything there was to see.

Cade’s favorite show was the SeaLion and Walrus show.  He keeps repeating all of the lines, and he just rolls over in laughter.

After the show, we went and fed the sea lions.  This was another favorite.

This is what you see when you have a tray of fish in your hand:

seal open

Can I just say that these things are super loud?  Oh My Goodness!  Once you threw them a fish, this is what they looked like:


seal close

For only one second.  Then it was back to barking.

cade bear

Cade really liked the polar bear, so he wanted his picture taken with this one.

We finally made it to the kiddy area, and the kids and Rob rode the roller coaster.  This was SG’s first coaster ride, and she was super excited.

sg coaster 

Since Momma couldn’t ride the ride, I just kept them company in line, and took pictures.  Cade was excited to ride by himself.

Cade Coaster

We left the park at 6:30 and Daddy had another surprise up his sleeve.  We got to stay the night at the Coronado Springs Resort in Disney World.  This was so much fun!  They had the coolest pool and to make it even cooler, they played a movie out by the pool Saturday night.

poolWe slept in a little on Sunday, and then got some breakfast.  We hung out at the pool until our late checkout time.  We left there and went to Downtown Disney to watch a movie in their super cool movie theater.


This movie was only playing in 3D, which I typically do not like.  However, it was really good, and the kids had the time of their lives.  SG ate so much popcorn, her lips were blistered from the salt.

After a tough Mother’s Day, I just knew it would be a really hard weekend.  But the Lord is so faithful to provide peace in a time of grief, and this weekend was no exception.  Sure I had my moments, like Cade asking what time she was born, and what time she died.  He wanted us to let him know when those times rolled around on Saturday.  I knew that she was having one heck of a party in Heaven, and we were having one heck of a time spending the weekend together as a family remembering all the wonderful blessings God has given us through Faith.  We all talked about her all day.  SG kept asking if it was still her birthday.  We are so thankful to Him for our family, our children, and most of all our salvation.  For that, my friend, is the guarantee we have of Heaven and seeing our precious Faith again!

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