Monday, May 14, 2012

Two Little Monkeys

Saturday, Brinley was in a pageant, so all of the girls went to cheer her on.  A dear friend of ours is a momma to a cute little lemur, who just happened to be at the pageant.

SaraGrace had heard all about the “monkey” and wanted desperately to see him.  Miss Kim took her outside, and it was love at first sight!!

SG tried to boss Maxwell around, but he actually took charge.

maxwell up

She laughed and laughed when he would stand up.

lay down

Then Miss Kim showed her how to scratch his back to make him lay down.

SG decided he needed some lunch.  We got him some bananas, and little momma was in heaven.



I think these are two of the cutest little “monkeys” I’ve ever seen!


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