Friday, May 11, 2012

A Mother’s Day Message

SaraGrace was so excited to tell me that she wrote a Mother’s Day message for me.  She told me that it said, “I love you Momma.”

When we went to pick her up on Wednesday, we saw all of the messages the children made for their mothers.  I will have to say, Rob nearly wet his pants reading SG’s idea of me.  Some of her answers were quite funny!

photo (3)

Check out my hair color!  I sure do hope Rob has bought me a gift certificate to see Katy for Mother’s Day.  I’m just thankful they didn’t ask how much Momma weighs, Amen?

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Tettelestai said...

Aw, how sweet!! My daughter asked me a few weeks ago how much I weigh. I told her I could not tell her because she would feel free to share that information ;-)